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 By Curtis Pugh

            As long as a person is sincere, does it matter why they come to Christ? The Lord Jesus answered this question. The Bible records the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand men plus women and children by the Lord Jesus. He  multiplied the five little barley loaves and the two fish belonging to a lad.

            The multitude of people in that place thought to make Jesus a king by force. They had found a man whom they thought would supply them with food and who could heal their bodies. He was the kind of fellow they wanted for their ruler. No more work, no more sickness: life would be easy for them with Jesus.

            So the Lord Jesus departed secretly from them by crossing the sea at night. The next day the people took boats and came after Him. They were seeking Jesus not in a spiritual way, but because they wanted their natural needs and wants met. John records the words of the Lord Jesus to them: “...Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled,” (John 6:26).

            John in his Gospel uses a particular Greek word for “miracles.” It actually means “sign.” The miracles recorded by John are miracles designed to teach us. These miracles teach us just who Jesus is and about his power, etc. They are revelatory in nature. But they mean nothing to those who do not see themselves as helplessly lost sinners.

            So what Jesus is saying was that they did not seek Him because they understood from the miracles who He is. They just wanted to be fed and healed and their other carnal desires satisfied. They were seeking Jesus because they ate of the loaves and had their stomachs filled. They were seeking Christ for the wrong reasons!

            Sadly, there are people today who also seek Christ for the wrong reasons. One preacher was heard to say that he came to Jesus “for all he could get.” Wrong reason! Sinners are always ready to find things to consume upon their own lusts desires. After all, lost sinners are pleasure seeking animals and if Jesus gives them pleasure by giving them wealth and health as some claim, they will seek Him. But they seek Him for the wrong reasons and will not find Him.

            Later on in His conversation with them, the Lord Jesus said to those seekers-after-the-loaves these words: “But I said unto you, That ye also have seen me, and believe not,”(John 3:36). This crowd of people who had been seeking Jesus were not believers and so it is today. Those who seek Him for carnal reasons – in order to satisfy their natural desires – are not seeking Him for the right reasons. They may believe the historical facts about the Lord Jesus, but they are not believers. They do not have “the faith of God's elect,” (Titus 1:1).


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