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  • Date = 1/18/2018, Time = 21:47:11
  • Update = Brother Curtis is in the hospital till Sunday or Monday at least. He has Pleurisy of the lung. Right now he has pain in his chest when he breathes especially, so talking just causes more pain. I have been texting him via WhatsApp.
    The heart doctor says there is no fluid around the heart so I assume the fluid in pleural cavity is not from congestive heart failure. I Googled this and it appears numerous things can cause this.
    It could be kidneys, but that is just a guess on my part. I think he only has one working kidney.
    When I learn more I will update it.
    Lucien LeSage
  • Date = 1/19/2018, Time = 9:24:21
  • Update = Brother Curtis has asked me to request for prayer, please.
    He has been in lots of pain lately to the point that he is having a hard time with it.
    They are running tests on his lungs and heart today.
    His daughter said they were giving him antibiotics and steroids yesterday.
    I will update when I find out more from him or Sister Ruthie (daughter).
    Here is the hospital information:
    Mercy Hospital Fort Smith
    7301 Rogers Avenue
    Fort Smith, AR 72903
    Phone: (479) 314-6000
    Room 3406
    Number to Room = 479-314-3406
  • Date = 1/22/2018, Time = 8:34:53
  • Update = Brother Curtis is having a heart catheterization on Tuesday (tomorrow) to determine the blood pressure on the right side of the heart. The concern is from any lung damage done by the fluid build up in the pleura cavity of his lungs.
    From conversation with him it appears that he may have had pneumonia which in older people is serious.
    Brother Curtis is so weak at this point he cannot be sent home and be able to function on his own so he will be sent to a rehab facility in the Fort Smith area after he is released from the hospital in order that his strength can be restored before being able to live at his home alone.
    He usually sends out the hard copy Romania mission reports at the end of the month with help from his daughter Ruthie but that may be postponed this month unless all the contributing churches would agree to receiving an email with the report.
    -- Please keep Brother Curtis in your prayers --.
    PS: If you do not want to receive updates on Brother Curtis just respond to the email and we will remove your email address from the list. Thanks, and God bless.
  • Date = 1/22/2018, Time = 22:10:09
  • Update = Brother Curtis' Heart Catheterization has been postponed until Thursday. He was still taking his meds and needs to be off them for 48 hours before the procedure can be done. Please continue your prayers for Brother Curtis.
  • Date = 1/26/2018, Time = 8:21:56
  • Update = Brother Curtis had the heart cath yesterday and is back home. It appears that he had a bout with pneumonia and may have a blood pressure problem in his lungs. I am just not sure of all the details yet, but his daughter did let me know he is back in his house.
    Continue to pray for him.
  • Date = 1/28/2018, Time = 15:24:37
  • Update = I have been in touch with Brother Curtis' daughter, Ruthie and also Brother Curtis some.
    He is very weak and after talking with him yesterday, he seemed to think that the Lord would call him home soon.
    Since then his strength has returned somewhat. His daughter made him eat and drink fluids yesterday and it seems that today he has improved.
    He sent me a text a few minutes ago that he is still weak and has difficulty getting out of bed. That effort causes shortness of breath and heart pain.
    Please continue to pray for Brother Curtis Pugh.
    Thanks and God Bless,
    Brother Lucien
  • Date = 1/28/2018, Time = 16:30:30
  • Update = Please Note.
    Brother Curtis does not want to go to the hospital for the pain he is now having. His daughter has tried to encourage him to return to the hospital but he does not want to go.
    Please pray for Sister Ruthie as she is in sort of a precarious situation in that she wants what is best for her dad and yet not wanting to go against his will. It may come down to the fact that she will have to make some wise decisions in the near future.
    She requests your prayers please!
    Sorry I did not include this in the previous update, but thought it necessary.
    Thanks again for your prayers for Brother Curtis Pugh.

    PS: I am still trying to contact some of the churches that donate to the Romanian work so that we can send the financial report and prayer letter out via email. Out of the 60 supporting churches I have heard from about 40 and all are willing to receive the reports via email.
    If your church supports the Romania mission work and they have not contacted me could you please encourage them to do so. Brother Curtis will no longer be able to send out a printed copy of the letter and financial report via snail mail. The churches that I do not hear from I will try and send a printed copy this month but my objective is to be able to send to all the supporting churches the reports via email.

    Thanks again and God Bless,
    Brother Lucien
  • Date = 1/29/2018, Time = 21:54:34
  • Update = This afternoon Brother Curtis was taken to the hospital in Talihina. When he arrived he was in AFIB. Ruthie thinks he still has pneumonia. He should have never gone home from the hospital in Fort Smith but should have gone into rehab.
    Since arriving at the hospital in Talihina they have given him blood because his hemoglobin was low. Since then his O2 level has risen and remained more stable and his blood pressure is much better. They also took x-rays which I assume is to see if he still has pneumonia.
    At first they were considering moving him back to the hospital in Fort Smith Arkansas but since he has improved it appears they will keep him in Talihina.
    When I called Ruthie she was in the room with him and so we prayed together and he sounded much better than the last time I spoke with him. Ruthie said he really perked up. Earlier in the day before going to the hospital he accidentally called me by mistake and he sounded really bad. Since that time he has improved it seems.
    Please keep Brother Curtis and his daughter and her husband in your prayers.
    Brother Lucien
  • Date = 1/30/2018, Time = 12:00:13
  • Update = Brother Curtis Pugh was moved to the Regional Hospital in McAlester Oklahoma last night. Since then he has improved much. He is in McAlester Regional Hospital in ICU room 3.
    I spoke with the nurse this morning and she said he was doing fine at this time and was sitting up. She did not think that he was in any urgent danger. He was actually texting Raul in Romanian so we know that he has improved.
    Thanks for everyone's prayers.
    Brother Lucien
  • Date = 1/31/2018, Time = 13:54:20
  • Update = Brother Curtis is being transported from McAlester Regional Hospital to Health South Rehabilitation Hospital in Fort Smith.
    The address is:
    401 South J Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901
    Main hospital phone number: 479-785-3300.
    Brother Lucien
  • Date = 2/1/2018, Time = 17:02:59
  • Update = Brother Curtis has not done as good today as yesterday. His one kidney is only putting out about 15% but this may be due to dehydration. He has not been drinking much. They are giving him fluids.
    This is about all I know at this time.
    Brother Curtis seems to be up and down. It has been a struggle for him.
    As you know from my last post he is at Health South Rehabilitation Hospital in Fort Smith. The phone number and link to their website is in the last post that you can view.
    Please keep him in your prayers.
    Br Lucien
  • Date = 2/2/2018, Time = 7:51:45
  • Update = Brother Curtis was transported from the rehabilitation hospital in Fort Smith to the emergency room of Sparks Regional in Fort Smith. The nurse that contacted his daughter, Ruthie, indicated that his condition had worsened.
    I called the hospital just now and he is still in ER (room 5) but they will not give out any more information than that. The nurse seemed calm so hoping for the best.
    Keep Brother Curtis in your prayers.
    He is tired and ready to see his Lord I know that.
  • Date = 2/3/2018, Time = 18:29:04
  • Update = Brother Curtis' condition has been fluid at best. One minute it looks like he is improving then just to turn worse later. He is still in Sparks Regional Hospital in Fort Smith.
    The latest information that I had received from Sister Ruthie was that he had made a turn for the worse. His lab work was the worse ever. He had agreed to dialysis to remove the toxins from his body thereby making it possible to recover, but he is refusing that now. But he is not in his right mind and had been hallucinating some and was having trouble knowing the present. Last night his lab work was showing better and they thought his liver would be OK as it was failing previously as well. They also thought he would not need dialysis last night but evidently it has all changed as of late. I have not posted much because it changes by the hour. His situation is very fluid.
    Sister Ruthie just texted me that they are inserting a port for dialysis at this time.
    Keep him in your prayers.

    Sparks Regional Medical Center Home Health
    PO Box 2406
    4300 Rogers Avenue, Suite 35,
    Greenpointe Center
    Fort Smith, AR 72901
    Phone: (479) 441-5850

    Br Lucien
  • Date = 2/5/2018, Time = 12:01:17
  • Update = Brother Curtis' condition has made a turn for the worse. His oxygen level has dramatically dropped and he has already requested that he not be placed on life support. So the doctors have done all they can to save his life. They will make him comfortable the rest of the way. He has requested that they let him depart to be with his Lord.
    Brother Pugh's earthly pilgrimage is nearing it's end. He will soon be with his Lord that he trusted in and wrote so much about. He once said "saving faith is risking it all on Jesus Christ." That was the faith that he had in Christ, Jesus. He was placing his soul into the hands of the Savior and was persuaded that He is able to keep that which he had committed unto him against that day. Yes, I think Paul said the same thing.
    His daughter, Ruthie, does not think he will linger long.
    Thanks so much for all the prayers that everyone has lifted up for Brother Curtis.
    Truly for the believer in Jesus Christ, "A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth. It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart." (Ecc. 7:1-2).

    Brother Lucien
  • Date = 2/6/2018, Time = 10:52:27
  • Update = Br Jerry Dodson and Br Kelly Hinson spent night in room with Br Curtis. He woke up at 3:00 am and recognized them both. They said he is very weak. Not sure about situation right now.
    So glad two preachers at his side in his last hours.
    Brother Lucien
  • Date = 2/8/2018, Time = 8:10:28
  • Update = Brother Curtis Pugh has departed this world and has gone to his heavenly home sometime around 5:00 AM this morning.
    He was so ready to depart and be with his Lord and Saviour.
    His faith has now seen it's end. He now sees the one he saw through the eyes of faith. The one he risked his soul to has brought him safely home.
    When I find out more about arrangements I will post it.
    Pray for the family.
    Br Lucien
  • Date = 2/12/2018, Time = 22:32:24
  • Update = Obituary
    Life Legacy
    “…Well done thou good and faithful servant….enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” Matt. 25:21

    Curtis A. Pugh of Poteau, Oklahoma, died peacefully February 8, 2018 in Ft. Smith, Arkansas after many years of battling MDS and Systemic Scleroderma.

    Curtis was born in a small home in Heavener, Oklahoma to Lois Lucille McAlvain Pugh (Jerome) on November 27, 1944. He attended primary school in Heavener and went on to finish his high school years in Tahlequah, Oklahoma where his mother was employed as a Guidance Counselor at Sequoyah Indian School.

    Upon completing high school, Curtis attended Mid South Bible College in Memphis, Tennessee where he met the one and only love of his life, Janet Killian. The two were married January 29, 1966 and within the ensuing 45 years of marriage they labored together on the foreign mission fields of Canada and Romania for more than 26 years.

    Curtis was an accomplished newspaper editor, published author and writer, and wrote many Gospel Tracts and articles for local newspapers as well as an Independent, Landmark Sovereign Grace Baptist Paper with national readership.

    He was a proud member of The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the 7th generation of his Chahta family to reside in this region, an avid Chahta Historian.

    Survivors include two daughters; Ruth McLellan (Robert), Anna Cattemull (Mark), two precious like-sons though not born to them but as precious as though they were; Raul Enyedi (Miriam) and Aurel Miclea, Jr. (Eunice), one sister; Betty Over (Jack), nine grandchildren: Ruben, Eli, Bethia, Sarah, Joelle, Zach, Abigail, Isaiah and Benjamin, two great grandchildren; Andrew and Kaedence, several nieces and nephews and an untold number of brothers and sisters in Christ.

    He was proceeded in death by his mother, Lois McAlvain Pugh; his wife, Janet Killian Pugh; and his brother, Billy Jack Cooper.

    Visitation will be held at Dowden-Roberts Funeral Home, Heavener, Oklahoma on February 9, 2018 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    Graveside services to be held at the Kennady-McAlvain Cemetery in Wister, Oklahoma on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 3:30 p.m., Brother Lucien LeSage of Denham Springs, LA bringing the devotional.


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