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Poems by Kathryn Parrish

Inside the covers of this book are the thoughts of a dear sister and friend. 
Sister Parrish has written many poems about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There are poems 
about His church as well as things He has done or will do. His sovereign power is seen throughout. 
I am sure you will receive a great blessing as you read them and perhaps they will be of some help 
and comfort to you. 
These are words from one sister's heart to be received into your heart. 
May the Lord bless you as you read each poem. 

Elder James E. Hobbs
Kings' Addition Baptist Church
South Shore, KY

Our Suffering Saviour 
He agonized in the garden in deepest agony, 
And prayed, "If it be possible, let this cup pass from me"; 
Nevertheless, He drank the cup, ' twas His Father's will above, 
He drank it to the bitter dregs because of His great love. 

His apostles, being weary, slept on in deep repose, 
Never fufly realizing their forthcoming woes; 
With great sweat drops of blood, Christ prayed on without remiss, 
Until the hour that Judas came and betrayed Him with a kiss. 

They took Him and bound Him and carried Him away, 
To the palace of the high priest to await the coming day; 
Then the Jewish council held a trial and 'tis so very odd, 
They sentenced Him to death because He said that He was God! 

They beat Him, and spit upon Him and did shamefully entreat, 
And said that He must now be tried at Pilate's judgement seat; 
But PIlate found no fault with Him and he told them so, 
Nor, indeed, did Herod. for to Herod He did go. 

Once more, Pilate would release Him but got nowhere with them, 
For they cried vehemently, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" 
Then Pilate gave the orders, it should be as they required, 
Released Barabbas to them, sentenced Jesus to be crucified! 

Pilate scourged Him and called together the whole soldier band, 
They clothed Him with a purple robe, placed a reed in His hand; 
Crowned Him wish a crown of thorns and then they bowed the knee, 
Smiting Him upon the heed in satanic mockery. 

Now when they had finished the torture which they began, 
His visage was so marred, more than any man; 
Then they led Him up the hill to darkest Calvary, 
Crucified Him between two thieves upon the cruel tree. 

The mocking crowd passed by with jeering taunts and sneers, 
While the thieves on either side cast the same in His ears; 
But one thief suddenly believed that Jesus was the Christ, 
And Jesus said, "Today you'll be with me in ParadIse." 

Now as He bore His peoples sins in His body on the tree, 
He cried wish a load voice, "My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?" 
Oh, the Father is so pure and holy, sin He cannot look upon, 
And so He turned His back upon His precious, holy Son. 

Thus His soul was made a ransom for H is very own, 
For them He suffered. bled, and died, and bore it all alone; 
And then He cried, "Tis finished", and His Spirit He dismissed, 
An earthquake rent the rocks, the Son of God was this! 

They took His body from the tree and laid it in a tomb, 
And for the ones who loved Him it was a day of gloom; 
But after three full days and nights, their sorrowing was oer, 
For He arose from that dark tomb and lives forevermore! 

Now He ascended into heav'n, sat down on the Fathers throne, 
And now each day He intercedes for those He calls His own; 
Oh, blessed hope, He'll come again, that forever they may be, 
Joint-heirs with Him, and live with Him, throughout eternity! 

KING Of Kings And LORD Of Lords 
Jesus Christ, the great creator, made the heav'n and earth, 
And by His almighty power, rules the universe; 
We see His glory all about, His Holy Word leaves no doubt, 
That He is KING of kings and LORD of lords! 

Jesus Christ came down from glory to this sinful earth, 
He became our blessed Saviour by His virgin birth; 
He was God come down to man, was crucified by wicked hands, 
Though He was KING of kings and LORD of lords! 

Jesus Christ, the mighty conqueror, from the tomb arose! 
He arose with mighty power, triumphant o'er His foes; 
Oh, great salvation, full and free, wondrous love beyond degree, 
Oh, He is KING of kings and LORD of lords! 

Jesus Christ, the KING Eternal, every eye shall see; 
Precious Saviour, by men rejected, He their judge shall be; 
Every knee shall bow to Him, every tongue confess to Him, 
That He is KING of kings and LORD of lords! 

Sinner Friend, Trust In Jesus 
- Revelation 20:11-15 - 
Sinner friend, please tell me I really want to know, 
Do you ever think of eternity, through this life you go? 
Do you think of a holy God and that great judgment day, 
When you'll learn that, for your sins, forever you must pay? 

Oh, do you know the meaning that the second death implies? 
It means that you will then be cast into the lake of fire, 
Separated forever from the God of love and light; 
Why did you treat the Son of God with rejection and respite? 

Alone, forlorn, forsaken - Oh, how awful it must be, 
To be forsaken by God throughout eternity; 
Never to know the blessings which His love and mercy bring, 
Never to know the joy comfort of even the smallest things. 

Never to see the passing seasons, each dressed in splendid array, 
Nor to awake in anticipation of another lovely day; 
No more to feel the cooing breeze or see the sunshine bright, 
No pale moon-glow or twinkling stars to lighten the black, dark night. 

Helpless, hopeless, fearful, will be the destiny, 
Of those rejecting Jesus and the blood of Calvary; 
No crystal, flowing water to cool the burning brow, 
Not even a single drop of that, which they take for granted now. 

Oh, sinner, trust in Jesus while you still have life and breath; 
Jesus is the only way you'll escape the second death; 
He is the only way given whereby men must be saved; 
Behold, how much He loved, for His life He freely gave! 

Suffering, bleeding, dying, in shame and agony, 
Jesus paid my sin-debt as He hung upon the tree; 
As I recall that awful scene and see Him hanging there, 
I realize He loved me with a love beyond compare ! 

The Future 
Great tribulation is coming soon upon this wicked world, 
When God's unmitigated wrath will surely be unfurled; 
But when this happens Christ will have His people safe above, 
For God's wrath won't fall on those whom He foreknew in love. 

The Lamb of God will take the book and open up the seals, 
Then everything will come to pass which God's word has revealed; 
And when it is all over, 'tis finished and 'tis done, 
This world will then become the kingdom of God's Son. 

Sitting there upon David's throne on beautiful Mount Zion, 
Christ, the King, will then rule this world with a rod of iron; 
Knowledge of Him will fill the earth as waters now cover the sea, 
His people will rule and reign with Him, this is God's decree. 

Oh, what a wonderful kingdom God's children will enter in, 
For all creation will then be free from the bondage of sin; 
Like a beautiful garden of roses, the desert will then be, 
In place of thorns and thistles will come up the myrtle tree. 

Men will no longer go to war as sinful men do now, 
War instruments will then be beaten into shears and plows; 
Man will sit under his own fig tree, his God - given place, 
And of the former lust and greed you will not find a trace. 

Wolves and lambs will lie down together in peace and harmony, 
While a child may play on the hole of an asp and perfectly safe shall be; 
Nothing at all will hurt or destroy in the kingdom of God's Son, 
A man of a hundred years will be considered very young. 

Satan will be bound for a thousand years while Jesus reigns in peace, 
But after that, for a little while, Satan must be released; 
Deceiving the nations, he will gather them, to compass the saints around, 
But they will be devoured by fire which God in heav'n sends down. 

Into the lake of fire and brimstone, Satan will then be cast, 
To be tormented forever, thank God, he will, at last! 
The wicked dead will then be judged, I'm sure they will tremble and quake, 
For all not written in the Book of Life will be cast in the fiery lake. 

Then will be a new heav'n and earth, an earth with no more sea, 
God will dwell with His people there and He their God shall be; 
Former things will pass away, they will live forever with Him, 
Eternally blessed and glorified, in the new Jerusalem! 

Modern Woman 
These are the days of the E.R.A.., 
When modern woman would have her way; 
The scriptures, it seems, she's never heard, 
For she pays no attention to God's word. 

God's order of the sexes she just ignores, 
For man's place she covets more and more, 
Saying that she would be equal with man, 
Forgetting the fact that she never can. 

Neither could man ever take her place, 
For he's not equipped for bearing the race, 
Nor has he a mother's instinct and love, 
Given to her from heaven above. 

Now man reasons coolly with his head, 
But woman is led by emotions instead; 
God equipped man to take the hard knocks, 
But made the woman, the cradle to rock. 

Still, modern woman doesn't see it that way, 
So against her maker she rebels every day; 
With bobbed hair and immodest dress, 
For God's Holy Word she could care less. 

And even in churches this rebellion prevails, 
For God said long hair and a covering, or veil; 
In the church, be silent, be quiet and meek, 
But she has even decided to preach! 

Now God knows whats best for His creation, 
And, oh, how well off would be this nation, 
If each home were a castle, every man a king, 
With a queen subjected to him in all things. 

A queen he could love, and honor, and cherish, 
And work to this end, that their home might flourish; 
A queen in whom his heart could safely trust , 
He would seek her well-being, and protect her he must! 

She would send him off with a smile and a prayer, 
And a sense of well-being, knowing she was there; 
To watch over his children and keep them from harm, 
Teaching them and guiding them with a firm, loving arm. 

And then he would hurry when day's work was done, 
Home to his queen, his daughters and sons; 
They would live for each other and all live for God, 
Serving Him together as life's path they trod. 

Oh, how much better off would be the human race, 
If woman, once more, would take her God-given place; 
But these are the days of the E.R.A., 
And modern woman would have her own way. 

Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman 
Who can find a virtuous woman, 
Who serves God with all her might? 
Oh, her price is far above rubies, 
She is precious in God's sight. 

Oh, this sweet and virtuous woman 
Is her husband's joy and crown; 
His heart can safely trust in her, 
She will never let him down. 

Her children arise and call her blessed, 
Her friends and neighbors praise her too; 
For, to help, she is always ready, 
She will ever be true-blue. 

In her tongue is the law of kindness, 
Her spirit is quiet and meek; 
Strength and honor are her clothing, 
The good of others she always seeks. 

Now this world's favor is deceitful, 
Beauty is a flower that fades; 
But a woman that fears the Lord, 
She shall certainly be praised! 

Pray For God's Preachers 
God forbid that I should so sin, 
By neglecting to pray and make supplication, 
For God's faithful preachers, those ordained men, 
Who preach the Christ of eternal salvation. 

Oh, those soldiers, so courageous and brave, 
Whom God has placed at the battle front! 
Against whom the enemy rants and raves, 
And of Satan's attacks, they bear the brunt. 

For they are the shepherds of God's flocks, 
Who feed His sheep and watch o'er their souls; 
To keep the flock faithful to Jesus, their rock, 
With their eyes upon Him, is the pastor's goal. 

But these are dark days in which we're living, 
Perilous days which try men's souls; 
For material gain and television, 
Have caused many sheep to grow distant and cold. 

Only a few will endure sound doctrine, 
Many seek preachers to tickle their ears, 
God's truths to them seem false and mocking, 
Fables of men they had much rather hear. 

Brothers and sisters, is it any wonder then, 
That God's dear Pastors should often grieve 
And become discouraged, when Satan begins 
To enter their flocks and the sheep deceive? 

Let us, then, be much in prayer, 
Constantly, earnestly, often in tears; 
Pray for God's Pastors everywhere, 
And for their flocks, 'til Jesus appears. 

The Greatest Of These Is Love 
When the church Jesus started was very young, 
He endued it with supernatural signs, 
Such as prophesying and speaking in tongues, 
To prove that His church was surely divine. 

But when the Bible was completed, 
Prophecy then was fully revealed; 
Speaking in tongues no longer was needed, 
For the need of signs had been fulfilled. 

Yes, prophesying and tongues have ceased, 
But still there remains three gifts from above - 
Faith, hope and love - just these three, 
And the greatest of these is love! 

Now faith looks up in adoration, 
As in this dark world we sojurn; 
Hope looks up with bright expectation, 
Watching and waiting for our Lord's return. 

Faith and hope will give way to sight, 
When our blessed Lord we see; 
Oh, what a future so glor'ously bright, 
Is awaiting you and me! 

Faith and hope will be needed no longer, 
When we reach that heavenly shore; 
But love will grow sweeter and stronger, 
And will be needed forever more. 

The Bride Of Christ 
The religious world looks down upon 
Our Lord's churches, so small; 
But they the victory have won, 
For He loves them one and all. 

For them, He suffered, so forlorn, 
For them, His life has given; 
And soon will take them home to join 
His first - born church in heaven. 

His church, complete, will be ready then, 
To become His loving Bride; 
For true and faithful she has been, 
And His word has not denied. 

She bought the truth and sold it not; 
She labored to expel all leaven, 
And will appear without blemish or spot, 
To take her place in heaven. 

The marriage of the Lamb shall come, 
And there will be His bride, 
Dressed in spotless righteousness, 
Standing by His side. 

No more shall she be martyred, 
No more shall she be scorned; 
But she shall be rewarded 
For all that she has borne. 

Oh, it shall be her destiny, 
To rule and reign with Him, 
Then live with Him eternally, 
In the New Jerusalem! 

Fear Not, Little Flock 
Fear not, little flock, for the Father has promised 
To give you the Kingdom some day; 
Fear not, little flock, though you're small and despised, 
And men heed not what you say; 
For when you assemble, the angels are there, 
They carefully listen to your words and prayers, 
So fear not, little flock, fear not. 

Oh, Jesus has said when you gather together, 
That there will He be in your midst; 
So fear not, little flock, no matter the weather, 
For what a great promise is this! 
Just keep up the work He gave you to do, 
Be steadfast, unmovable, faithful and true, 
And fear not, little flock, fear not. 

Fear not, little flock, and be not discouraged, 
For you are a part of His Bride, 
Some day up in heaven, without spot or wrinkle, 
With joy, you'll be by His side; 
And then you will say it was worth it all, 
As you live in that city of clear jasper walls, 
So fear not, little flock, fear not. 

The New Jerusalem 
The New Jerusalem will come down some day, 
Sparkling with jewels, glittering with gold; 
'Tis the place where Christ and His bride will stay, 
Oh, I'm sure the half has never been told. 

Fifteen hundred miles foursquare, 
With beautiful walls of priceless gems, 
And twelve pearl gates, wide open there, 
For naught can defile the New Jerusalem. 

No darkness there, just one eternal day, 
No need of the sun, for Christ is the light, 
No need of a temple, for we shall stay 
Close to our Saviour, in garments of white. 

Oh, ear has not heard, nor has eye seen 
The wonderful things which God has prepared; 
Not even in our fondest dreams 
Could we visualize what awaits us there. 

But I know we shall walk on golden streets, 
Drink from a crystal clear river, 
Eat twelve kinds of fruit, deliciously sweet, 
Which the tree of life delivers. 

And I know there are mansions of splendor 
Awaiting the blessed ones there; 
With joy and gladness we shall enter 
That city, so wond'rously fair. 

The Lord's Ekklesia 
In this world of religious confusion, 
How does one find that divine institution, 
Which Jesus founded while on this earth, 
When He said, "I will build my church"? 

Well, the Catholics say there is no hope 
Outside their church, headed up by the pope; 
And they say, though 'tis quite controversial, 
That the church is visible and universal. 

The Protestants say this is just not so 
And came out of the Catholic Church long ago; 
For the true church consists of believers everywhere, 
'Tis universal and Invisible, they declare. 

But the Baptists reject both these views, 
For these teachings are false, and these churches, too, 
Were institued by the father of lies, 
That great deceiver and blinder of eyes! 

Well, it just might help and make things easier, 
To know that the Greek word for church is Ekklesia; 
A called out assembly is what it means, 
The Greeks' town-meetings were Ekklesias, it seems. 

Now Jesus's Ekklesia was called out by Him, 
And visibly assembled at Jerusalem; 
This church, too, was like a hive of bees, 
Which swarm and send out new colonies. 

Thus, down through the ages of time they have come, 
Each church started by a pre-existing one; 
There are some here today, they are bound to be, 
For Christ promised His church perpetuity. 

When we study the Bible we can find 
No universal church of any kind; 
But local, visible churches instead, 
Each church, a body, with Christ, it's head. 

A pillar and ground of the truth on this earth, 
That's what the Bible calls the Lord's church; 
But, for the whole truth, onlt Baptists contend, 
All others teach the traditions of men. 

And here's another truth which I would state; 
You can't find a place and you can't find a date, 
This side of Jerusalem and Jesus Christ, 
That the Baptist church started, try as you might! 

Our Lord's Church 
John the Baptist, a man sent from God, 
Was sent to preach God's Holy Word; 
Sent from God and authorized, 
Christ and His apostles to baptize. 
Thus the material was prepared 
For building the church, and Christ declared, 
In Matthew sixteen, He would not fail, 
For the gates of hell should not prevail! 

Christ built His church while on this earth, 
The twelve apostles He set in first, 
But one of them fell from this high position; 
He was Judas Iscariot, the son of perdition. 

The others consisted His "little flock", 
Their feet set firmly upon the "Rock"; 
On the Rock, Christ Jesus, His church was built, 
And for His Church His blood was spilt. 

He gave them the "Supper" ere He died on the tree, 
And bade them do this, "In remembrance of Me"; 
Remember My body, broken, My blood shed for you, 
'Til I come, keep the Supper and my commandments too. 

Christ arose from the dead and ascended to heaven, 
But first, to His church, His commission was given; 
You can see it written there on the holy page, 
With His church He would be to the end of the age. 

He bade them to tarry at Jerusalem, 
'Til empowered by the Spirit sent by Him; 
They waited, prayed and witnessed a plenty, 
And grew from twelve to one hundred and twenty. 

Then assembled at Pentecost, in the upper room, 
Lo, the Spirit of God came down with a zoom! 
With tongues of fire they were all baptized, 
And His church was empowered, they all realized! 

With foreign tongues which men understood, 
They began to speak as the Spirit would 
Give them utterence, and with words so bold, 
The gospel story they preached and told. 

Three thousand souls were saved that day 
And to the church added, a splendid display 
Of what Christ, through His church, is able to do, 
When men will obey Him faithfully and true. 

But alas, Satan's ire, aroused before long, 
Brought the church persecution, swift and strong; 
The disciples were scattered throughout the land; 
To destroy the Lord's church was the devil's plan. 

But God, in His wisdom, had planned otherwise, 
For by persecution the churches multiplied; 
Each church reaching out to establish another, 
Still, all independent of each other. 

Thus the churches grew, multiplied and prevailed, 
'Til Satan realized his plan had surely failed; 
'Twas then he devised his master plan - this was it: 
That the churches of Christ he would counterfeit! 

'Twas around three hundred A.D. that he found, 
The churches around Rome had not remained sound, 
For they had apostated and gone astray, 
Bringing the true churches grief and dismay. 

Satan took these churches which had left the word of God, 
Over which the Lord had written the word, "Ichobod"; 
Thus it was that the Catholic church did begin, 
Claiming to be the Lord's church, deceiving ignorant men! 

This monstrous church began to grow and to persecute 
The truth-loving churches, which Christ did institute; 
Because they would not recant the doctrines which they loved, 
Fifty million sealed their testimony with their martyr's blood! 

And though, at times, the gates of hell seemed almost to prevail, 
God's word is surely true, and it surely will not fail; 
For through the darkest ages, Christ brought His church, His bride, 
Holding fast the precious doctrines for which their brethren died! 

She's here today, though still hated and despised it's true, 
Not only by the "whore" but her "harlot daughters" too; 
She's here and will be until that glorious day, 
When Jesus comes in all His glory to take His bride away. 

Now all the blood-bought children for whom Jesus died, 
Will surely go to meet Him when He comes for His bride; 
For many are in His kingdom who are not in His church, 
To them it does not seem important for "His church" to search! 

Often poor and small in number, you can find them if you look, 
Still holding fast the teachings of the precious Holy Book! 
Chosen and peculiar people, they've been called by many names, 
But today they call them Baptists and their teachings 
Have not changed! 

The Bible 
There it stands, like a mighty rock 
In the midst of a raging sea; 
The Bible stands, though men may mock 
And attack it vehemently! 

Why do men mock and hate it so? 
This Book of eternal salvation! 
Could it be that wicked men know 
It warns of their condemnation? 

They have burned it, and spurned it, 
And explained it away; 
They have denied and spiritualized, 
But the Book is here to stay! 

And though wicked men like Jehoiakim, 
May take their penknives and whittle, 
The Bible will not be expired by them, 
Not even one jot or tittle! 

For should they destroy it from the earth, 
This Book which God has given; 
'Tis settled forever from the first, 
And has been presereved in heaven! 

They shall be judged by this Holy Word, 
All whose sins have not been atoned, 
When they meet a thrice-Holy God 
At the great white judgement throne! 

What Would He Think Or Say 
There was no room for Him in the inn, 
That's why He was laid in a manger; 
And to this world of lost, sinful men, 
Unto this day He remains a stranger. 

Now once a year they become quite merry, 
And celebrate His birthday - or so they claim; 
But the rest of the year they seem in a hurry, 
To dishonor Him and blaspheme His name. 

Oh, they like to think of Him as a babe, 
But they have no love for Him on the cross; 
That He would come to die and to save 
Seems quite foolish to those who are lost. 

Yes, the gospel is hid to those who perish, 
For Satan has surely blinded their eyes; 
This world of sin they love and cherish, 
And their lost condition do not realize. 

But scattered among them are His dear sheep, 
'Twas for them He was born, for them He died; 
He kept the law which they could not keep, 
And to their sins was His blood applied. 

So thankful am I that my Saviour came 
To this wicked, sin - cursed earth; 
Oh, praise His precious, holy name, 
I'm thankful for His virgin birth! 

But 'tis not my Saviour's desire or plan, 
That with His birthday I be concerned; 
'Tis, instead, His solemn command, 
That I watch and wait for His return. 

Yes, He tells me to be watching and waiting, 
And I wonder what He would think or say, 
If He should return and find me celebrating, 
With the world, it's pagan holiday. 

God's Truth Versus Satan's Lies 
So many churches and cults today 
Are teaching the devil's lies, 
Leading millions of folk astray, 
For Satan has blinded their eyes. 

The world is full of Satan's lies, 
Confusion on every hand; 
God's word is twisted and denied, 
Just as Satan has planned. 

Truth, it seems, is cast in the street, 
For men by the devil are led; 
Tramp'ing God's truth under their feet, 
They prefer to teach error instead. 

God's word is true, He says what He means, 
And those who believe Him are wise; 
Reject God's word and it's plainly seen, 
He'll let you believe Satan's lies! 

Now if you believe God's word and obey, 
Your life will surely be blessed; 
He'll save you and keep you from going astray, 
Your soul will find peace and rest. 

He Will Be Satisfied 
We're made for the glory of God, 
Created by His own hand, 
And by His sovereign grace we will trod, 
Just the way that He has planned. 

The word of the Lord will not fail, 
Each tittle will come to pass, 
God's word will surely prevail, 
So let us stand steadfast. 

God will not be defeated, 
His word will be fulfilled, 
His work will be completed, 
According to His sovereign will. 

Does it not thrill your soul? 
We're on the winning side! 
He shall see the travail of His soul, 
And He shall be satisfied. 

The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; 
His are the cattle on a thousand hills, 
His , the starry host in the heavens above, 
He calls them by name and they do His will. 

He has measured the hills and the dust of the earth, 
And measured the waters in His hand; 
By His knowledge He made this vast universe, 
And meted out heaven with a span. 

As a drop in a bucket He counts the nations, 
Considers them as a very little thing, 
For when He compares them to His great creation, 
They are vanity, no profit do they bring. 

Oh, the power and strength of His might! 
He fainteth not and never is weary; 
Men are as grasshoppers in His sight, 
And vanity, too, as we can see clearly. 

Why, then, should the spirit of man be proud? 
He's only here for a few short days; 
He lives out his time which God has allowed, 
Then like the grass, he withers and fades. 

Oh, each man's soul lives on and on, 
Forever and forever it lives, 
Either in hell, hopeless and forlorn, 
Or in the joy and peace which Jesus gives! 

Jesus, God's Son, came to seek and to save, 
By His sinless life and death on the cross; 
His life for lost sinners He freely gave, 
That He might save them from infinite loss. 

All that the Father gave Him will come, 
And He will in nowise cast them out, 
For He draws them and loves them every one; 
They are His forever and there is no doubt! 

Thou Hast Provided So Great Salvation 
Thy glory, Lord, the heavens declare, 
Giving assurance that Thou art there; 
And by Thy power and Thy decree, 
All things move in harmony. 

When I consider the works of Thy hands, 
All so magnificent and grand, 
Then I wonder why Thou would condescend, 
With such mercy for fallen men. 

Why would Thou choose some of Adam's race 
To be recipients of Thy grace, 
When chains of darkness have been the fate, 
Of angels who left their first estate? 

No wondrous mercy to them was shown, 
Nor for their sins didst Thou atone, 
No shadow of Thou ever turning, 
To pluck them from the brand of burning. 

But through the death of Thy spotless Son, 
All men to Thee may freely come; 
Oh, Thou God of this vast creation, 
Thou has provided so great salvation! 

Oh, God of mercy, 'tis my earnest prayer, 
That Thine elect ones everywhere 
May repent of their sins and quickly flee, 
To the Saviour who died at Calvery. 

God's Precious Gift 
Joyful praise we would ascribe 
To Jesus, our Lord, so wonderful; 
Oh, for words that would describe 
God's precious gift, unspeakable! 

Oh, great and bountiful salvation, 
Priceless gift of our Saviour's love! 
'Twas not by works that we have done, 
But cost our Lord His precious blood. 

Oh, riches in Christ, unsearchable, 
Oh, for words to thank Him as we should, 
But in this life it is impossible 
To love and serve Him as we would. 

Some day we'll put on immortality, 
Up to glory with Him we'll soar; 
To bear the image of the heavenly, 
And praise Him as we never have before! 

What Can Separate Me From God's Love? 
Oh, what can separate me from God's love, 
Can powers on earth or in heaven above? 
Can angels or principalities? 
No, nothing from His love can separate me! 

Oh, who can pluck me from my Father's hand? 
My Saviour has spoken, on His word I stand; 
For He has given me eternal life, 
Oh, He paid with His blood the terrible price! 

Now I was once burdened with Satan and sin, 
But my heart was opened, the Saviour came in; 
He whispered so sweetly, now you are mine, 
For you I have purchased with my blood divine! 

Oh, what a change has now come over me, 
I'm living for Jesus so happy and free; 
One day I'll see Him in heaven above, 
For nothing can separate me from God's love! 

Oh, What Manner Of Love Is This 
Eternal Father, God of love, 
Seated on Thy throne above, 
Ruling this vast universe, 
Thy will is done in heaven and earth. 

Wouldst Thou, then, allow Thine own dear Son, 
To this world of sin to come? 
Thrice Holy God, so pure and just, 
Hast Thou so loved this worm of the dust? 

Yes, Thou foreknew me in Thy love, 
Chose me in Thine portals above, 
Predestined me to become 
Conformed to the image of Thy Son. 

Ordained before the world had foundation, 
Christ came and purchased my salvation; 
Not with corruptible silver or gold, 
But with His own blood He redeemed my soul! 

In His own body upon the tree, 
He bore my sins and set me free; 
Imputed to me His righteousness, 
My soul, in Him, is forever blessed. 

Oh, what love He bestowed upon me, 
That through the ages of eternity, 
I'll live with Him in perfect bliss; 
Oh, what manner of love is this? 

The Glorious Gospel 
This is the gospel wherein I stand, 
Whereby I am saved as God has planned; 
Christ died for my sins as the scriptures say, 
Was buried, and rose again the third day. 

Oh, this glorious gospel light 
Shone in my soul so wondrously bright, 
Bringing me peace from heaven on high; 
Glory to God! He passed me not by! 

'Tis by God's grace I am what I am; 
'Tis by His grace that God's holy Lamb 
Paid for my sins at Calvary, 
Shedding His blood to ransom me. 

'Tis by His grace that I am sealed, 
By God's Holy Spirit, the one who revealed 
To me this gospel, so crystal clear, 
Gave me eyes to see and ears to hear. 

But the natural man cannot perceive 
This glorious gospel, for Satan deceives, 
Blinding their eyes that they may not see 
The gospel in all it's simplicity. 

Still, God's chosen ones are scattered around, 
Through the country, cities and towns; 
God uses the gospel to reach their souls, 
And bring His sheep into His fold. 

The gospel, then, must be faithfully preached, 
That God's elect ones may be reached; 
For by God's grace, 'tis His decree, 
That they be His for eternity. 

From Every Kindred, Tongue And Nation 
Man's life is short and full of trouble; 
He lives his God-allotted time, 
Then doth vanish like a bubble, 
Leaving his house of clay behind. 

For "Dust thou art to dust returneth", 
To man's soul does not apply; 
For the world he ever yearneth, 
But to his Maker he must fly. 

And he must answer to his Maker, 
For the deeds which he has done; 
Unless, by grace, he is partaker 
Of life eternal, through God, the Son. 

But sinful man just will not come 
To the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, 
For his affection is set upon 
This wicked world of sin and strife. 

Still, God has chosen a multitude, 
To be the heirs of eternal salvation; 
And they will come, in gratitude, 
From every kindred, tongue and nation. 

For in the day of His mighty power, 
God's Holy Spirit, so loving and bold, 
Will enter in and that very hour, 
Bring salvation into their souls. 

He will grant to them repentance, 
Grace to turn away from sin, 
Faith to see the loving Saviour, 
And to put their trust in Him! 

So Must The Son Of Man Be Lifted Up 
Through the wilderness, wild and wide, 
God led His people, the Israelites; 
And in His mercy did provide 
A cloud by day, pillar of fire by night. 

He sent th m manna down from heaven, 
Yea, angel's food they ate; 
And when thirsty, they were given 
Water from a rock so great. 

All their needs God did provide, 
Performed miracles again and again; 
Still, they were never satisfied, 
But constantly murmured and complained. 

Then God sent serpents to distress, 
Many were bitten and some died too; 
They cried to Moses, their sins confessed, 
And God told Moses just what to do. 

Make a brazen, fiery serpent, 
Place it on a pole for all to see; 
All who looked IN FAITH on that brazen serpent 
Were healed. This was God's simple remedy. 

Now the fiery serpent spoke of sin, 
Which, like an adder, stings at last; 
God's judgement on sin was typified in 
The fiery serpent made of brass. 

As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, 
So must Jesus, the Son of man, be lifted up; 
Christ lived a life of perfect righteousness, 
And for His people drank the bitter cup. 

He who knew no sin was made sin for us; 
Lifted up on the cross, He paid the awful price, 
For He suffered, bled, and died for us; 
All who trust in Him shall have eternal life. 

The Rich Man And Lazarus 
There is a true story which Jesus told, 
Of a rich man in purple, with silver and gold; 
And a beggar named Lazarus who lay at the gate, 
Longing for crumbs from the rich man's plate. 

Now the rich man fared sumptuously, as I recall, 
Showing no mercy for Lazarus at all; 
Yea, the dogs, with more compassion than he, 
Licked the sores of the beggar in his misery. 

But then the scene changed and things were reversed, 
No longer in misery was Lazarus immersed; 
For he died and was carried into paradise, 
Trusting the Saviour who paid the great price. 

The rich man died, too, and to hell he was sent, 
To suffer forever in flames and torment; 
For mercy he begged and that Lazarus might come, 
With a drop of water to cool his poor tongue. 

But the rich man cried for mercy too late, 
For a great gulf is fixed and there's no escape; 
All help, all hope, all good things were ended, 
For to those in hell, there's no mercy extended. 

Then the rich man thought of his brothers in sin, 
Who would soon be in hell, tormented like him; 
So he prayed that one from the dead be sent, 
To warn his five brothers, that they might repent. 

But one from the dead they would not heed, 
If Moses and the prophets they did not believe; 
For they told of the Christ who would die for sin, 
And save all from hell who trust in Him. 

Now Jesus told this story that we might escape, 
And not be partakers of the rich man's fate; 
Heaven, not hell, is my destiny, 
For I've trusted in Jesus who died for me! 

What must I do to be saved? 
Cried the jailer at Phillippi; 
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, said Paul, 
As he looked him in the eye. 

But it can't be as simple as that, 
I hear someone exclaim; 
Surely there are things I must do, 
Ere salvation I can attain. 

Nothing! No, nothing can we do, 
For our righteousness is as filthy rags; 
Salvation is a gift, so full and free, 
'Tis not of works, lest man should boast, or brag. 

Look to the Son of God, dear friend, 
Look! And you shall have eternal life; 
See Him as He suffered, bled, and died, 
He finished the work, He paid the price! 

Oh, what a sinner was I! 
Oh, what a Saviour is He! 
He took my sins upon Himself, 
Imputed His righteousness to me. 

My sins are gone! My sins are gone! 
Cast by Him into the deepest sea; 
He will remember them no more, 
And I am free! Praise God, I'm free

Thank God For Sovereign Grace 
Spiritually blind, and deaf, and dumb, 
To the Saviour I would not come; 
Dead in sin, altogether depraved, 
Heavenly things I did not crave. 
But even before I was created, 
I was chosen and predestinated; 
To save my soul was God's decree, 
Before He made the earth or sea. 

Salvation came by God's own plan, 
Not by my will, or the will of man; 
How thankful I am to be among 
Those people He chose and gave to His Son! 

He drew me with His cords of love, 
Gave me life from up above; 
Oh, I've never known such love as this, 
The Spirit of God I could not resist! 

I saw my wicked, deceitful heart 
And knew that from sin I must depart; 
He gave me faith that I might see 
The Son of God who died for me. 

Praise God! I'm saved forevermore, 
Kept by His power, 'til on heaven's shore, 
One day in glory I'll take my place; 
Oh, I am thankful for sovereign grace! 

If You Ask What I Get Out Of Life 
My life I'll live for Jesus Christ, 
Caring not for this world's vain glory; 
And if you ask what I get out of life, 
I'll tell you a wonderful story. 

Oh, I once loved the world's sin and pride, 
And all of it's pleasures and lust; 
Eternal things I just brushed aside, 
Knowing not this world is an empty crust. 

Neither did I know that I stood condemned, 
By the word of Him who gives life and breath, 
Nor that I was lost in transgression and sin, 
And the wages of sin is death! 

For salvation comes not by man's righteous works, 
Or the good deeds that he has done; 
It comes not through baptism or through the church, 
But only through God's holy Son! 

I know now that Jesus died for me, 
That I might have eternal life; 
And died for me personally, 
As for my sins He paid the price. 

I now have passed from death unto life, 
A new nature have I within, 
A nature which loves the Lord Jesus Christ, 
And hates this world of sin. 

Yes, I hate the things I once loved, 
And love the things I once hated; 
I now live my life for the Saviour above, 
For whom my soul was created. 

What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul? 
What would you give in exchange for your soul? 
Would you give houses, or lands, or gold? 
Do these mean more to you, dear friend, 
Than your eternal soul? 

Now all these riches will vanish away, 
And you will meet your Maker one day; 
All you can take with you, dear friend, 
Is your eternal soul! 

Oh, what would you give in exchange for your soul? 
Is righteous living or good works your goal? 
Are you depending on these, dear friend, 
To save your eternal soul? 

'Tis not by good works which we have done, 
For we are sinners, yes, everyone; 
Jesus has finished the work, dear friend, 
To save our eternal souls. 

Oh, do not trust in good works or self, 
Or silver, or gold, or anything else; 
For what does it profit, oh, my soul, 
To gain the whole world, but lose one's soul? 

Jesus is the only name given among men, 
Whereby we can be saved from sin; 
He paid for our sins with His precious blood, 
For He is God's way to heaven above. 

God's Mercy 
He put His rainbow in the sky, 
Beautiful colors, glorious blending; 
He put it there that you and I 
May know that His mercy is never-ending. 

His mercy is seen all around us, 
In lovely flowers, so welcome in Spring, 
In birds, singing in sweetest chorus, 
Praising their maker on joyous wing. 

His mercy is felt in the cooling breeze, 
On a warm, sunshiny, summer's day; 
'Tis felt in the shade of green-leafed trees, 
And the warmth of hearth when winter comes our way. 

To the just and the unjust His mercy extends, 
For he blesses them both with sunshine and rain; 
Bountiful harvest, graciously, He sends, 
Rejoicing hearts with fruits and golden grain. 

Oh, God has shown His mercy in so many ways, 
In manifold deeds which He has done; 
But His greatest mercy was shown the day 
He gave to the world His only begotten Son. 

Some day God's mercy will be severed 
From those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ; 
But His mercy will endure forever, 
To those who trust Him for eternal life. 

If Only 
Seraphim and Cherubim, 
His glorious throne surround; 
All mortals who ever saw Him 
Fell prostrate to the ground; 
Thrice-Holy God is He, 
Burning in His holiness; 
Creatures of the clay are we, 
Filled with unrighteousness. 

If only sinful men could know 
This holy God with whom they must deal, 
If only they in repentance would go 
And before Him humbly kneel, 
If only they by faith could see 
God's crucified Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, 
To Him they would quickly flee 
And receive God's gift of eternal life. 

Today God's mercy is extended, 
Whosoever will may come; 
Someday His mercy will be ended, 
For those who reject His Son; 
For if they die without Him, 
No matter what they say, 
As their Judge they'll meet Him, 
Oh that awful judgement day. 

Lord Make Me A Winner Of Souls 
Lift up your eyes unto the fields, 
See the harvest, great, the laborers, few; 
Lord, send laborers to do Your will, 
And bring lost sinners to You. 

Oh, Lord, I pray You will send the preacher, 
For He is eloquent and knows what to say; 
Or would You send the Sunday School teacher 
Into Your harvest today? 

Wait, my child, do you not remember? 
My commission I gave to the church! 
Of My church are you not a member? 
Your duty, are you trying to shirk? 

Child, out there in the harvest field, 
My sheep are waiting to be told; 
To the gospel they will yield, 
And come rejoicing into the fold. 

My sheep will not perish if you do not bother 
To tell them that I died for them; 
But your reward will go to another, 
The soul-winner's crown you will fail to win. 

Oh, Lord, forgive me for shirking my duty, 
And for my cold, indifferent heart; 
I want to tell them of your love and beauty, 
And how, in salvation, they may have a part. 

Lord, give me much love and compassion, 
Make me wise and very bold; 
Oh, may I go out with zeal and a passion, 
To be a winner of souls. 

A Prayer For God's People 
Oh, Lord, help your people, called by your name, 
To humble themselves, confess their sins, 
Turn from their wickedness, live without blame, 
And on your dear Spirit depend. 

Help them to know that a thrice - holy God 
Would have them be faithful and true, 
Read and obey His Holy Word, 
And glorify Him in all that they do. 

Lord, help them to turn their backs upon 
This wicked, forlorn world of sin; 
Continue the work, Lord, which You have begun, 
Make them pure and holy within. 

Lord, set their affection on things above, 
May they seek neither fortune nor fame; 
Oh, may they be filled with Your peace and love, 
For godly contentment is gain. 

Oh, Lord, let them see the terrible price, 
Which Jesus paid when He died for them; 
He bought their redemption with His own life, 
Lord, help them now to live only for Him. 

God's Love 
Love is kind and suffers wrong, 
Love envies not all the day long, 
Lifts not herself in haughty pride, 
But is content and satisfied. 

Love always behaves above reproach, 
Seeks not her own way, is not quickly provoked, 
Thinks not evil of anyone, 
Nor judges them for what they've done. 

Oh, how much love is willing to bear, 
And believe all things which God has declared; 
Patient in trials, love will endure, 
For love has a hope that is steadfast and sure. 

Love never fails! But my flesh is weak 
And I fail everyday, even though I seek 
To live up to God's word. Still, I earnestly pray 
That God will help me to love this way. 

But this God's love and only He 
Can love like this to any degree; 
No longer hindered by this flesh of mine, 
One day I'll love with God's love divine! 

I Am Bought With A Price 
Two natures striving within me, 
Each would have the upper hand; 
Each wants to rule over me, 
This I must understand. 

My flesh would like a life of ease, 
For the things of the world it loves; 
But God, my spirit wants to please, 
And has set it's affections above. 

Satan often comes to entice, 
And my will power seems to have flown; 
But I hear God's word; you are bought with a price, 
And you are not your own! 

Be ye holy, for I am holy, 
Put on God's armour and stand, 
Do all things for My glory, 
These are God's solemn commands. 

The example, my Saviour has set; 
For when Satan tempted Him sore, 
With God's word temptation was met, 
'Til Satan left to tempt Him no more. 

If I make this wise decision, 
To read God's word and obey, 
And for the flesh make no provision, 
I'll grow stronger in Christ each day. 

Great is His faithfulness, 
Yea, exceeding great; 
He will keep His promises - 
None will He break; 
My heart can safety trust in Him, 
In my God, divine; 
Completely I must yield to Him, 
His will be done, not mine. 

'Tis but mine to wait on Him, 
Yea, wait patiently, 
For He has promised to perform 
A good work in me; 
Let patience have her perfect work, 
I must not fume or fret; 
By His predestination, 
I'll be victorious yet. 

One day I'll soar above the clouds 
Like an eagle on the wing, 
Be higher than the angels, 
As redemption's song I sing; 
This earthly nature of my flesh, 
Forever vanquished then, 
Will not be there to plague me, 
As life in heav'n begins. 

Oh, when I see that glorious place 
My Lord has gone to prepare, 
When eyes have seen and ears have heard 
All that awaits me there, 
When I have seen His nail - scarred hands 
And His smiling face, so dear, 
Then earth's little cares will fade away, 
How small they will appear! 

Oh, For Faith 
Oh, for the faith of Abraham! 
Faith that staggers not, faith, so strong; 
Faith to believe, weak Christian though I am, 
That what God has promised, He can perform. 

Oh, to be like a little child, 
Trusting my Father's word implicitly, 
Oh, that no wicked unbelief or guile, 
Could my Father ever find in me. 

Oh, for faith that soars like an eagle, 
O'er cold, bleak mountains of distrust and doubt, 
And comes to rest, so calm and regal, 
In the peace of God, past finding out. 

Faith to lay myself down upon His promises, 
Contented there and waiting patiently, 
While fears assuage and trouble vanishes, 
Knowing my God will work things out for me! 

God Chooses My Way 
Sometimes I walk in the valley, 
Sometimes I walk in the sun; 
God chooses the way that I should go, 
'Til my work on earth is done. 

He walks beside me and holds my hand, 
And I am content to walk as He planned, 
For my Lord knows what is best for me 
And will with-hold no good thing from me. 

So if He sends sorrow, or joy, or pain, 
'Tis for my good, His word makes that plain; 
For this is a part of His all - wise design, 
To burn up the dross and the gold to refine. 
And as I get closer to that heavenly day, 
My Lord just grows dearer, the world fades away; 
Brighter and brighter my path seems to grow, 
And the sweet lights of heaven seem all aglow. 

Oh, when I come down to the setting of sun, 
And the work is all finished and the race all run, 
Twill be so sweet to see my Savior's smile, 
And to hear Him say, come and rest, my child. 

How Patiently He Waits 
There is a lovely garden 
Here within my heart; 
God's Spirit watches over it 
And has, right from the start. 

He cultivates His garden 
And of it takes good care; 
Nine different kinds of fruit 
Are sweetly growing there. 

Every weed, obnoxious, 
He diligently pulls out, 
Even the most persistent weeds 
Of self, pride and doubt. 

He gives His garden sunshine, 
The sunshine of His love, 
And thoroughly waters it with grace, 
Brought down from heav'n above. 

With manna He feeds it daily, 
'Tis sweet beyond compare; 
And, Oh, how patiently He waits 
For His fruit to bear. 

Trials Of Faith 
Trials often on me fall, 
Many things I have not understood; 
But, oh, the joy, when I recall, 
He worketh all things for my good! 

Trials of faith - more precious than gold, 
For gold will vanish away; 
But faith, tried by fire, great honor will hold, 
When Jesus appears one day. 

Then fear not, my soul, nor be dismayed, 
But yield yourself unto His will; 
For though your fondest dreams may fade, 
He is your God, He loves you still! 

Lean not upon your own understanding, 
But trust in Him with all your heart; 
God is sovereign and is planning 
Eternal values to impart. 

Be still, then, my soul, and stand the test, 
Oh, pray and seek His loving face; 
Be still, my soul, and sweetly rest, 
Upon His all - sufficient grace. 

I know not what each day may bring; 
I may be carried on angel wings 
Into the presence of my God, 
While body sleeps beneath the sod. 

But if, by grace, I linger here 
Until my blessed Lord appears, 
Then, with saints who never die, 
I'll rise to meet Him in the sky. 

Present here, or absent, it matters not, 
God's will be done whatever my lot; 
For since He claimed me for His own, 
He's always with me, I'm not alone. 

He works in me and 'tis my goal 
To be like Him who redeemed my soul; 
Someday He'll finish the work begun, 
I'll bear the image of His dear Son. 

Oh, blessed Spirit, the source from whence 
Cometh this faith and confidence; 
His word is sure, His promises great, 
So I'll watch for Him and patiently wait. 

To Comfort 
Isaiah 61:3 Thessalonians 4:13 
For ashes, may He give us beauty, 
For mourning, the oil of joy, 
And instead of the spirit of heaviness, 
May His praises our lips employ. 

For we need not mourn as those who have no hope, 
Though our loved ones have gone on before; 
Oh, they rejoice in a land of larger scope, 
Where joys abound forevermore. 

Their pain and sufferings are over, 
Their earthly cares now have flown, 
And they are so happy in heaven, 
Where they know as they are known. 

They would not want us to grieve for them, 
Though we must remain in this vale of sorrow, 
For in a little while we will be with them 
In God's bright and glad tomorrow. 

Our work on earth is not yet finished, 
Else God would also take us home; 
God's love for us will never be diminshed, 
He walks beside us, we are not alone. 

Dear ones, it may be sooner than we think, 
God's trump may sound in just a little while; 
And then, before our wond'ring eyes can blink, 
Once again, we'll see our loved ones smile. 

Twenty-fifth of December, another year trod, 
And the world once again is serving it's "god"; 
But alas, for God's children are joining in too, 
Forgive them, dear Lord, they know not what they do! 

How well I remember and surely realize, 
I, too, was in bondage 'til You opened my eyes; 
Thank You, precious Lord, for setting me free 
From this thing called Xmas, real idolatry! 

Oh, I remember how hard it was to break 
The tradition of men, and finally forsake 
This heathen holiday, even though I'd heard 
That it was pagan, forbidden in God's word. 

No time to read my Bible, to praise Your name, or pray, 
Too busy getting ready for that "most important" day; 
No thought of your second coming, though You bade me watch And wait, 
For I must keep Your "birthday", though You gave me not the date. 

No harm, thought I, to decorate and have a Xmas tree, 
To gather 'round and gifts exchange with friends and family; 
If I don't they'll think me narrow, and may even call me "Scrouge", 
It's not like I would celebrate with revelry and booze. 

And thus, deceiving self, went I from year to year, 
'Til one day, Lord, Your still, small voice came through quite clear, 
Come out and be ye separate, touch not the unclean thing, 
Be not yoked with unbelievers, this message You did bring. 

Then I started studying to find out the reason why, 
Xmas is an abomination to my God on high; 
And to my great amazement, this is what I found, 
That I was an idolater on very dangerous ground. 

For Xmas, with all it's customs can be traced to ancient Rome; 
'Twas there that the Catholic Church adopted as it's own, 
Astarte, queen of heaven, and Tammuz, her son, 
Originating with Nimrod and ancient Babylon. 

The story of Tammuz, the sun god, and his resurrection, 
How strange that it should parellel the life of God, the Son! 
How very sly of Satan to take these gods, these very same, 
And deceive the people of the world by changing their names. 

Thus we see the great deceiver up to his greatest tricks, 
Changing their names to Mary and Jesus, oh, how very slick! 
How easy to take feast day with it's revelry and disgrace, 
And change it's name to Xmas for the Christians to embrace. 

So when they say put Christ back in Xmas, I just stand and stare, 
You never could put Him back, for He was never there! 
My God is a jealous God, He will never suffer loss, 
Nor share His glory with another, not even Santa Claus! 

Many times, approaching the Easter season, 
Have I wondered what could be the reason, 
Easter always comes on a different date, 
Sometimes early and sometimes late. 

Oh, I have wondered at Rome's false decree, 
For between Friday and Sunday there just can't be 
Three days and three nights as they would tell us, 
Though most folk accept it without any fuss. 

Bunnies and baskets, colored eggs, 
Hot - Cross buns, please tell me, I beg, 
What have these to do with our risen Lord, 
And where are they found in His Holy word? 

Now the customs are pagan; they signify birth, 
And return of the sun to replenish the earth; 
But even the name, Easter, should tell us something, 
For its name comes from "Eastre", the goddess of Spring. 

And so, once more, the hand of Satan we can thus trace, 
Cunningly seeking to ensnare, and to erase 
The significance of the gospel from man's mind, 
I think 'twas for this purpose, Easter was designed! 

But oh, the heart of Jesus surely must be grieved, 
To think His blood-bought children would be so deceived; 
Surely if they stopped to think, they would not be entwind 
With this festival of "Eastre", or bow down to her shrine! 

Now I like to sit in deep reflection, 
Thinking of Christ and His resurrection; 
How they crucified Him, oh day of gloom, 
And buried Him there within the tomb! 

They crucified Him, God's sinless Lamb, 
On April fourteenth, Christ, the great "I Am"; 
Crucified Him there when God's time was ripe, 
Of whom the Passover lamb was a type. 

Three days and three nights, the Bible makes plain, 
In the heart of the earth, Christ would remain; 
Just as Jonah spent three days and three nights, 
Within the big fish, another true type. 

But the grave could not hold Him, for He arose, 
In triumphant vict'ry, to justify those 
Whom the Father had chosen and given to Him, 
Oh, He paid the sin-debt for each one of them! 

Now Christ was resurrected on the first day of the week, 
And observance of His resurrection I love to keep; 
Not as many observe it, just once yearly, I fear, 
But weekly, on the first day, fifty-two times a year!