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Information About Our Church

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A Baptist Voice in Romania

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Information about our Missionary to Romania

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Evangelical and Gospel Articles

"The Plain Gospel" by F. W. Bell

"I Am Looking for Sinners" by Curtis Pugh

"A Hiding Place For Sinners" by Lucien LeSage

"A Hiding Place For Sinners in Spanish" by Lucien LeSage

"An Exposition of John 3:16" by Lucien LeSage

"The Loss of the Soul" by Milburn Cockrell

"What Is Your Life" by Milburn Cockrell

"How Christ Saves Sinners" by William Tyndale

"The Sin-Bearer" by C. H. Spurgeon

"Another Gospel" by A. W. Pink

"Have You Ever Been Shut Up?" by Curtis Pugh

"Where Will You Spend Eternity"

"Why Did You Come To Christ" by Curtis Pugh

"Christ in the Old Testament" by Milburn Cockrell

"Jesus is the Mercy Seat" by Leon King

"The Testimony of an Ex-Roman Catholic" by Lucien J. LeSage, Jr.

"The Way to Eternal Life" by Raul Enyedi of Bocsa, Romania

"Assurance" by A. W. Pink

"The Nature and Basis of Assurance" by A. W. Pink

"Why We Don`t Use The Altar Call" by Laurence A. Justice

"Thoughts on the Gospel" by Curtis Pugh

"Whenever The Gospel is Preached" by Curtis Pugh"

"Condemned: Awaiting Execution" by Conrad Murrell

"The Struggle For Assurance of Salvation" by J. C. Philpot

"Jehovah or Jesus"

Gospel Articles from A Baptist Voice

Grace Articles

Total Depravity Articles

"The Total Depravity of Man" by A. W. Pink

"Man`s Will Free Yet Bound" by Walter Chantry

"The Total Depravity of Man" by Jerry Dodson

"Total Depravity - Why It Is the Real Battleground" by Wayne Camp

"Man in His Fallen Estate" by John Newton

"Total Depravity" by Loraine Boettner

Unconditional Election Articles

"The Bible Doctrine of Election" by C. D. Cole

"Unconditional Election" by Jerry Dodson, Sr.

"Unconditional Election" by Lucien LeSage, Jr.

"Unconditional Election" by Wayne Camp

Particular Atonement Articles

"The Effect of Christ`s Sacrifice" by Curtis Pugh

"The Agony of Our Substitute in Gethsemane" by Lucien LeSage

"The Priesthood of Christ as Revealed in Scripture" by Lucien LeSage

"Restricted Redemption" by Oscar B. Mink

"Atonement Sufficiency Examined" by Oscar B. Mink

"For Whom Did Christ Die" by C. H. Spurgeon

"Particular Redemption" by Jerry Dodson, Sr.

PDF of Articles on Substitution by several authors.

Spurgeon Articles on Grace

"Free Will, A Slave" by C. H. Spurgeon

"All of Grace" by C. H. Spurgeon

"Exposition of the Doctrines of Grace" from the Spurgeon Archive

"The Heart of the Gospel" by C. H. Spurgeon

"Paul as Pattern Convert" by C. H. Spurgeon

Grace Articles by Curtis Pugh

"Calling On The Name Of The Lord" by Curtis Pugh

"Volunteers For Jesus" by Curtis Pugh

"The Raising of Lazarus" by Curtis Pugh

"The Bible is not Enough" by Curtis Pugh

"Believing Unbelievers" by Curtis Pugh

"The Knowledge of the Holy Ones" by Curtis Pugh

"Out of the Heart the Mouth Speaketh" by Curtis Pugh

"God Has You Right Where He Wants You" by Curtis Pugh

"13 Things a Lost Man Cannot Do" by Curtis Pugh

"Is God a Failure?" by Curtis Pugh

"Genuine Saving Faith" by Curtis Pugh

"Faith and Repentance or Repentance and Faith" by Curtis Pugh

"When is a Man Righteous in God`s Eyes?" by Curtis Pugh

"A Brick Wall for Arminians" by Curtis Pugh

"Answers to an Arminian Doctor`s Questions" by Curtis Pugh

"Them and Us" by Curtis Pugh

"Predestination" by Curtis Pugh

"Leaning Upon the Lord" by Curtis Pugh

"The Washing of Regeneration" by Curtis Pugh

"Safe On The Shoulders of Christ" by Curtis Pugh

"How Did You Get Your Honest and Good Heart?" by Curtis Pugh

"Gospel Regeneration Will Not Work" by Curtis Pugh

Link to All of Curtis Pugh Articles

Other Grace Articles

Redemption from John Gill`s Body of Divinity

"When We Were Enemies" by Lucien Lesage

"Why Did He Say That?" by Lucien Lesage

"An Exposition of John 3:16" by Lucien LeSage

Grace Articles from A Baptist Voice

"How Does Grace Save?" by C. D. Cole

"The Sovereignty of God and the Free Grace of God" by E. G. Cook

"How A Lost Sheep Got Home" by Roy Mitchell (1928 - 2013)

"The Quickening and Conversion of a Thief" by Lucien LeSage

"Quickening or Regeneration and Conversion" - A Study by Lucien LeSage

"A Study on Reconciliation" by Lucien LeSage

"Born of the Flesh and Born of the Spirit" by Lucien LeSage

"Making Too Little of Grace" by Lucien LeSage

"The Agony of Our Substitute in Gethsemane" by Lucien LeSage

"The Agony in Gethsemane" by C. H. Spurgeon

"What About II Peter 3:9" by Wayne Camp

"Religion or Salvation" by Daniel E. Parks

"Divine Predestination" by Daniel E. Parks

"The Eternal Security of the Believer" by Moser, Sr.

"The Beatitudes" by A. W. Pink

"All Men Without Exception or All Men Without Distinction" by Michael Jeshurun

"Blood Redemption" by John Roden

"Why a Crown of Thorns?" By Lucien LeSage

"The Eternal Security of the Believer" by M. L. Moser Sr.

"Christian Resurrection" by A. W. Pink


"The Trail of Blood" by J. M. Carroll

"Baptist History" by Jarrell Huffman

"Why be a Baptist" by H. Boyce Taylor Sr.

Our Baptist Heritage - Baptist History

"Baptists: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" by Jarrell Huffman

"A STUDY OF THE CHURCH" by Jarrell Huffman

"A Concise History of the Baptist" by G.H. Orchard

"What is a New Testament Church?" by Curtis Pugh

"Landmarkism vs. Interdenominationalism" by Curtis Pugh

"Colonial Landmarkism" by Curtis Pugh

The Book "Three Witnesses for the Baptists" by Curtis Pugh

The Book "Three Witnesses for the Baptists in Portuguese" by Curtis Pugh

"Christ`s Church Before Pentecost" by Curtis Pugh

"The Lord`s Eighty-Two Men" by Curtis Pugh

"Did Paul eat the Lord`s Supper with the Church at Troas?" by Curtis Pugh

"Bible Principles Propagate Baptist Churches" by Curtis Pugh

"Saul Persecuting the Church" by Curtis Pugh

"The Myth of the Universal Invisible Church Exploded" by Roy Mason

"In Search of the Universal Invisible Church" by Milburn Cockrell

"Baptized Into One Body" by Forrest Keener

"Why Baptists are not Protestants" by Raul Enyedi

"Why We Are Not Protestants" by Daniel Chamberlin

"The John Smyth Dilemma" by Aurel Munteanu and Raul Enyedi

"The Ecumenical Movement" by Raul Enyedi

"Churches of God" by A. W. Pink

"A Letter From the Past Regarding the Necessity for Church Authority"

Articles on the Church from A Baptist Voice

"My Church" by J. B Moody

A History of the Welsh Baptist from 63 AD to 1770

A rebuttal of Bob Ross treatise in opposition to Landmarkism

The Baptist - Anabaptist Historical Web Site


"The Baptist Bride" by Oscar Mink

"Should a Baptist Church Recognize Alien Baptism?" by Laurence Justice

"Forbidding Water" by Jeff Short

"Baptism: It`s Subjects" from the Baptist Encyclopedia

"Can a Church Member Dismiss Himself From His Church?" by Milburn Cockrell

"The Reformation and Baptist Compromise" By I. K. Cross

"The Biblical Case Against Head Coverings" by Sam Morris

"Head Covering for Women" by John MacArthur

"Historic Survey of the Baptist Worship Headcovering" by T. Matthew Stepp

"Divorce and Remarriage" by David Green

"Can a Divorced Man Pastor a Church" by Philip Ayers

"Ten Questions About Divorce" by Laurence Justice

"A Narrative of Surprising Baptisms" by Ron Crisp

"The Church That Jesus Built" by RaulEnyedi

"A Short Description of Historic Baptists" by RaulEnyedi

"La Iglesia que Jesús Edificó" por Raul Enyedi


"The Earth`s Great Jubilee" by Milburn Cockrell

"The Redeemer`s Return" by A. W. Pink

"The Golden Age" by A. W. Pink and L. C. Peak

"The Prophetic Parables of Matthew 13" by A. W. Pink

"A Little Leaven" by Lucien LeSage, Jr.

"The Millennial Kingdom as a Testimony to the Depravity of Man" by Lucien LeSage

"The Millennial Issue" by G. E. Jones


"The United States is not Israel" by Curtis Pugh

"The Seventy Weeks" by Milburn Cockrell

"One Hundred Reasons for the Pre-Trib Rapture" by Milburn Cockrell

"The Heresy of Consistent Preterism" by Doug Newell

"Preterism" by Royce Smith

"Preterism Another Eschatological View or Heresy" Compiled by Michael Jesurun

"An Outline of Matthew 24" from Curtis Pugh

"Matthew 24:5 AND 24:24 Compared" by Curtis Pugh

"An Introduction to Matthew 24" by Lucien LeSage

"Lectures on the Book of Revelation" by Ironside

"Lectures on Daniel The Prophet" by Ironside

"The Great Parenthesis the Mystery in Danniel`s Prophecy" by Ironside

False Doctrine

Articles on the Tongues Movement

"Tongues Have Ceased The Scriptural Proof" by Lucien LeSage, Jr.

"Tongues Have Ceased The Scriptural Proof" (Printable PDF Format)

"Open Letter to Deceived Charismatics" by Wayne Camp

"Speaking in Tongues" by E. G. Cook

"Baptized in the Spirit" by B. H. Carrol

"The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit" by Ron Crisp

Other Articles on False Doctrine

"A Deficient Gospel" by Curtis Pugh

"Natural Religion" by Curtis Pugh

"Why Does the Pope Wear a Hat?" by Curtis Pugh

"Bible Answers to an Arminian Doctor`s Questions" by Curtis Pugh

"An Open Letter to Roman Catholics" by Lucien LeSage, Jr.

"A Little Leaven" by Lucien LeSage, Jr.

"Priest-ism Brought to the Touchstone" by Spurgeon

"The Tribe of Ishmael" by G. E. Jones

"The Abomination of Antinomianism" by J.C. Philpot

"Dialogue with a Mormon" with Wayne Camp

Miscellaneous Articles

Articles on Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

"The Unpardonable Sin" by C. D. Cole

"Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" by Lucien LeSage

"Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" by Milburn Cockrell

Articles on the Doctrine of Hell

"Hell: Its Origin, Purpose, Nature, Inhabitants and Duration" by Oscar B. Mink

"The Doctrine of Hell" by Milburn Cockrell

Articles on Crucifixion Week

John Gill on Three Days and Three Nights

"Crucifixion Day" by Henry A. Griesemer

"The Chronology of the Crucifixion Week" by Wayne Carver

"Three Days and Three Nights" by Milburn Cockrell

Articles on Homosexuality

"Homosexuality Part 1" by Wayne Camp

"Homosexuality Part 2" by Wayne Camp

"Homosexuality and the Campaign for Immorality" by John MacArthur


"God Created Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve"

Articles on Christmas

"Santa Claus, A Man Made God" by Milburn Cockrell

"Spurgeon`s Comments on Christmas"

"Why I Do Not Celebrate Christmas" by Raul Enyedi

"Leaving Christmas" by Raul Enyedi

PDF version of "Leaving Christmas" by Raul Enyedi

"What is Christmas" by E. G. Cook

"Christmas and Romans 14:5-6" by Joe Garnett

The History Behind The Christmas Tradition

Miscellaneous Articles by Curtis Pugh

"The Cross and Crucifixion" by Curtis Pugh

"Are You Ready?" by Curtis Pugh

"How Far America?" by Curtis Pugh

"Let The King James Translators Speak" by Curtis Pugh

"STIRRED BUT NOT CHANGED - Jaded Baptists" by Curtis Pugh

"Baptist and the Argument from Silence" by Curtis Pugh

"Why Cannot A Baptist Preacher Grant A Divorce" by Curtis Pugh


"A Biblical Look at Suicide" by Curtis Pugh

"Notes on Apollos and Certain Disciples at Ephesus" by Curtis Pugh

"Past the Point of No Return" by Curtis Pugh

Link to All of Curtis Pugh Articles

Other Miscellaneous Articles

"The Johannine Comma of I John 5:7-8" by Matthew Stepp

The Genealogy of Jesus back to Adam

Chronology of the Old Testament by FLOYD NOLEN JONES

Bible Structure and Timeline

"The Odd Oposition to Expository Preaching" by Todd Bryant

"Words of Encouragement for the Believer" by Jerry Dodson

"When Peter Sat Down with the Wicked" by Lucien LeSage

"The Answer Isn`t Found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" by Lewis Kiger

"Comfort" by Augustus Toplady (1773)

"Precious Death" by A. W. Pink

"The Church at Thyatira" by Milburn Cockrell

"Why I Use The KJV" by Milburn Cockrell

"The Framer of the Ages" by Milburn Cockrell

"The Significance of Bible Numbers" by Elder G. E. Jones

"The Immutability of God" by Charles Spurgeon


Articles on Holidays from A Baptist Voice

Miscellaneous Articles from A Baptist Voice

The Cost of Being a Christian

"The God of the Overwhelmed" by Doug Newell

"Usless Kinds of Religion" by R. C. Ryle

"A Biblical Case for Burial and Against Cremation" by Royce Smith

"The Truth about KJV-onlyism" by Todd Bryant

"Carnival" by Daniel E. Parks

"The New Drug" by Nathaniel Hille

Online Books and Publications.

Books by Clariance Larkin

Dispensational Truth (PDF)

The Book of Daniel (PDF)

Chart on the Book of Daniel

The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation (PDF)

The Book of Revelation in HTML format at Sacred Texts

Books by A. W. Pink

"An Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount" by A. W. Pink

"The Golden Age" by A. W. Pink and L. C. Peak

"The Sovereignty of God" by A. W. Pink

Exposition of the Gospel of John at

A. W. Pink Books Online

Books by W. E. Best

"Regeneration and Conversion" by W. E. Best

"The Born Again Phenomenon (A COVER-UP FOR HERESY)" by W. E. Best

Other Publications and Books by various authors

The Little Baptist by J. M. Martin

Free e-Books (PDF Format also) at

Foxes Book of Martyrs


"Fifty Years Among the Baptists" by David Benedict, D.D.

"The Seventy Weeks" by Milburn Cockrell

"Christ Revealed In The Tabernacle" By Elder. G. E. Jones

Books from A Baptist Voice

"The Bible Doctrine of Election" by C. D. Cole

"The Doctrines of Grace" by Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

"The Trail of Blood" by J. M. Carroll

"Martyr`s Mirror" T. J. Van Braght

"Three Witnesses for the Baptists" by Curtis Pugh

T.P.Simmons` "A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine" on this Server

James Boyce`s "Abstract of Systematic Theology" on this Server

The Spurgeon Archive

Online Books at A Baptist Voice in Romania

"The Pilgrim`s Progress" by John Bunyan, 1628-1688.

"The Five Points of Calvinism" by Frank B. Beck

"The Sovereign Grace of God in Salvation" by John Roden

"The Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod" by Thomas Brooks, 1659, London.

The Second London Confession of Faith (1689)

The Philadelpia Confession of Faith (1742)

The New Hampshire Confession of Faith (1833)

Grace Links

Providence Baptist Ministries

Link to Articles by Oscar Mink at Philadelphia Baptist Church Decatur AL

The Spurgeon Archive

T.P. Simmon`s Systematic Theology on this Server

Pugh`s Corner

Short Pews by Curtis Pugh

The Standard Baptist Bearer

Lucien LeSage`s Sunday School Lessons on Books of the Bible & Topics

Mission Links

A Baptist Voice in Romania (Missionary: Raul Enyedi)

Grace Bible Baptist Mission in Thailand (Missionary: Dan Sullivan)

Frank James - Missionary to Western Australia

Dr. Jack Green`s Ministry in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sovereign Grace Baptist Churches

Anchorage Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Anchorage, Alaska

Beauty Mount Baptist Church Facebook Page, Edmond, West Virginia

Beauty Mount Baptist Church Radio Outreach, Edmond, West Virginia

Berea Baptist Church, Mantachie, Mississippi

Central Baptist Church, Grenada, Mississippi

Citrus Baptist Church, Inverness Florida

Davenport Baptist Church, Davenport, Washington

Ella Grove Baptist, Glennville, Georgia

Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Streamwood, IL

Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Newville, Alabama

Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Home Baptist Church, Mount Morris, Michigan

Hidden Hills Baptist Church, Willow Alaska

Independence Baptist Church, Foristell, MO

Indore Baptist Church

Landmark Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

Landmark Baptist Church, Mercersburg, PA

Landmark Independent Baptist Church, Archer, FL

Landmark Missionary Baptist Church, Granite Bay, CA

Landmark Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas

Memorial Heights Baptist Church, Perry GA

Mission Work in Peru

Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, Chesapeake, OH

New Testament Baptist Church, Bristol, TN

North Ballard Baptist Church, Wickliffe, Kentucky

Northside Baptist Church, Oakdale, Louisiana

Philadelphia Baptist Church, Decatur, Alabama

Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly, Bocsa, Romania

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Caldwell, Kansas

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Cortland, Ohio

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Hortense, Georgia

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Mansfield, Ohio

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Northport Alabama

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Silsbee, Texas

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Wake Forest North Carolina

The Bible Baptist Church, Plant City, Florida

The Lord`s Baptist Church, Tacoma WA

The Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly, Bocsa, Romania

The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Texarkana, Texas

Victory Baptist Church, Vader, Washington

Sovereign Grace BLOG Links

Pastor Todd Bryant - The Noted Pastor

Pastor Joseph Dodson`s Blog - "Chosen In Him"

A Baptist Voice \ O Voce Baptista in Filiasi

David Green`s Blog

Pastor Randy Johnson`s Blog

Pastor Doug Newell`s Blog

To His Glory - The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church, Texarkana, Texas

The Sovereign Grace Home Page hosted by John Roden

Jeff Short`s "Short Thoughts"

Directories of Churches

Map of Sovereign Grace Baptist Churches

Directory on Central Baptist Website

Directory on Harmony Missionary Baptist

Directory on LIBCFL

Directory on Hidden Hills Baptist

Dave`s Church Directory of Sovereign Grace Baptist Churches


Neil Camp`s Weather Station for our Area

Loan Calculator

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